Colin Quinn has been a comedian for almost 14 years now. His comedy career began in 1985, he has been a stand-up comedian ever since. Colin was also on MTV's Remote Control, he was the co-host for three years. Colin Quinn's work includes screenplays,
plays, and teleplays. He co-wrote and acted in a semi-autobiographical off Broadway play "Sanctifying Grace".
In 1996 Colin wrote "Celtic Pride" a movie which stars Dan Akroyd (original SNL cast member), Damon Waynes (SNL featured player) and Darrel Hammond.
In 1998 Colin co-wrote and starred in a critically praised one-man show, "Colin Quinn: An Irish Wake".

UPDATED NEWS!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it Colin is no longer on SNL!!!! I still wonder why he left or what the hell happened. I recently found an arcticle talking about this issue. So please read!!!

Thursday October 5, 2000 Quinn leaving SNL's weekend update Jimmy Fallon is taking a desk job.

The "Saturday Night Live" comedian and the show's head writer, Tina Fey, are going to team up to take over the "Weekend Update" skit for departing comedian Colin Quinn, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The two will be the first "SNL" co-anchors since Mary Gross and Brian Doyle-Murray in 1982 and Jane Curtin and Dan Aykroyd in the early years of the show.

Fey starred with Rachel Dratch, an "SNL" cast member in a show at Manhattan's Upright Citizens Brigade Theater during the summer.

Fallon is best known for playing Sully opposite Dratch on "SNL" and for impersonating famous "SNL" alumni member Adam Sandler.

Past "Weekend Update" anchors have included Quinn, Norm MacDonald and Dennis Miller. The 26th season of "SNL" begins this weekend and will be hosted by Rob Lowe ("The West Wing") and the musical guest will be rapper Eminem.

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